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Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere and How to Stop That

Cat Peeing Everywhere? Stop It With Simple Solutions!

A cat is no doubt the sweetest and friendliest pet animal. Cuddling the cat and playing with are some of the amusing activities that are enjoyed by the cat owners. However, the problems arise, when the pet cat starts peeing everywhere, and not at a particular place.

The urine of cat or any other animals has obviously very unpleasant and pungent odor because of the metabolism of feline protein. The excretory product includes a blend of phosphates, uric acid and aerates. When your cat suffers from infection or inflammation in the urinary channel, the concentration of protein may be quite higher and it may smell worse. While it becomes dry, the urine creates some crystals, which generate stains that are very difficult to remove.

Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere and How to Stop That

Causes of peeing in the wrong place


A cat that is presently experiencing an infection in its urinary tract feels the urination to be very painful. The kitty may think the litter box to be the cause. Or it is also likely to do the urination a number of times, and begins to pee all over your house. Liver, kidney or thyroid disorder may make the cats very thirsty. The cats may feel to take more fluid. As a result, there may also be more urination repeatedly. The cats that have become old and have muscular problems, arthritis or some other age-oriented problems will also perhaps not be able to use their litter box at the right time.

Change of environment

If there is any change in the household schedule, it can concern the litter box actions of your cat. Shifting to a different residence or also changing of schedule is one of the major causes of changes of your cat’s behavior. A newly born baby or an extra pet, a toddler leaving for school and the holiday period- all the things can affect a cat. The cat can show its reaction, simply by urination out of the box.

Change of the litter box’s brand

There is another reason of your cat peeing in the wrong site, and it is the change of the litter box. If you have bought the litter box of a different brand, the cat may not be used to it. The smell of the new litter and its new feel on the cat’s paws cannot match the preference. The pet may not like to make use of the box. Some cats do not like litter boxes that are covered.  When you have planned to fit in these boxes, you should ensure that your cat may get access to the box that is designed as the previous one. A new place for any litter box may, at first, stress the cat; thus, when the box remains in new area, keep one more in the former spot until your cat becomes accustomed.

Declawing of cats

Declawed cats sometimes show some distaste to the use of litter box as after their surgical treatment, their new soft foots found scraping hurting and they keep on considering the litter box as the cause of their distress. The paws of some claws turn out to be sensitive throughout all the remaining part of the life. The texture or quality of litter boxes can also very uncomfortable for the paws. There may be lots of reasons for not declawing the cats and it is one of those important reasons.

Liners of litter box

The liners of the litter boxes have been designed Litter box to give the expediency to the parent of cat. However, they sometimes split from the claws of the cats. Besides, the urine will get accumulated and create a pool within the creases of plastic. This can creates the problem of odor. As your cats are extremely affectionate, you may need to remember how this plastic can cause distress while a cat is attempting to hollow out and wrap the waste.

No adequate litter inside the box

You should be careful when the litter box has become filled up. If you do not like to produce an odor issue, place an enough quantity of litter within the container and try to keep it level stable. Usually, litter of nearly three inches may be considerable amount.

Choosing the ultra-modern litter box

Self-cleaning litter boxes that run electrically have lots of disadvantages, which are not known to the customers. Most of these boxes include motors, which are alarming. Some of them are very big; however, the necessary amount of surface for a cat remains very limited. Many of these self-cleaning containers have also covers. There are some boxes, in which the time can be set not to trigger cleaning process until ten minutes have passed after one kitty has departed it. However, such box may not make up the other cat that is accessing. The other significant problem to these self-cleaning boxes is that you may not get chance for checking what are or are not occurring in litter box. While you make the box cleaning, it is a chance to test on the health of cat. During this time of cleaning, you can also observe diarrhea or constipation or any unusual urine clump.

Thus, in short, when litter box has no dirt, but still the cat excretes outside this box, it is expressing its displeasure or stress. Your urge will perhaps be to scream at it. However, it will not realize anything but confusing and scaring it. If you notice the cat, when it is peeing on a rug, rather than scolding, you may quietly pick it up and take to closed room that has dirt free litter box. The cat is urinating on the rug as something has terrified it emotionally and physically, and when you have become soothed, you may start finding the cause.

Ways of stopping the cats’ behavior of peeing anywhere

Test out the kind of litter

The litter that has intense aroma may appear to be the best option. However, the cats are not likely to agree with this fact. Moreover, it is already said that they prefer to have the familiar one, thus, if you take on a fully developed cat, it can excrete outside the box as you have changed the non-perfumed usual litter box. The researches have proved that among most of the cats’ species, the versatile favorite litter category is a clumping, loose, fragrance-free clay litter that contains activated charcoal.

Try some different litter box

A covered litter box can be very suitable for any decorating room; however, a cat will possibly not like it. Enclosed boxes may be dark, small, smelly or hard to turn in – not favorable to any cats. You may also have to ensure that the edges of the litter boxes aren’t extremely high for your cat so that easily pass – particularly when it is in old age.

Clean the litter box on a regular basis

An unclean litter box may be the foremost things, which will lead the cat to pee somewhere else. Cats are extremely clean animals in nature. Thus, be regular about washing the box as well as altering the litter.

There are some specially manufactured cleaning items that are often used for removing the cat’s urine. These products may break the crystals as well as eliminate the stains and smells. As the cat’s urine has ammonia, the use of ordinary domestic cleaners that are made of ammonia may not take away the odor or stain. Moreover, it may promote your kitty in urinating in the same area once more. To your cat, the scent of ammonia is parallel to its own urine. Carefully cleaning that concerned spot with the proper items may remove the smell and stain, and your cat may not get back to the site to ease itself.

Detect the common Dynamics

The clashes among multiple numbers of cats, and the addition of some new cats, can lead to improper urination. In some cases, it is seen that the cat is starting a dispute near your litter box.

Discuss with the veterinarian

When the inappropriate excretion has turned out to be a problem with a cat, one of the important tasks that you may accomplish is to have one appointment or discussion with a veterinarian. The doctors of cats can carry out a physical test as well as urinalysis in order to find out whether the issue is really related to health. Urinary zone infections or failure of kidney are only some common issues of health that may cause your cat to urinate more, or have a high necessity to urination.

Thus, do not scold your cat; solve the problem in a cool way.