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Why Does My Cat Lick My Face

Cats often exhibit some kind the behaviors, which seem to be weird to us. If you have any cat, you possibly have found that its licks your body, when you hug it.

So, after a careful study and research, some true reasons have been found out, and that can your doubts regarding this behavior of cats.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Face

Comfortable feeling during the licks

Many experts have the opinion that most of the kittens that have weaned from the moms during the early period develop some type of the oral acts, such as, suckling or licking. The same thing can be said in case of the orphan kittens. In fact, these animals keep on their babyish practices, during the adulthood also. The cats only like to lick or also get licked. Besides, they want to do so as these behaviors are very calming and soothing for them. Thus, it is one of the main reasons for which your cat licks you. Whenever the cat does so with you, it is attempting to return back its kindness.

The licking of the cats indicates the social bonding

When you have a number of cats, you may have observed them licking one another. They, in fact, do it not only to unite with other cats but also for reaching the spots that are very difficult for these animals to access, for instance, top of their head or internal ears.

The licking means the cat loves you

One main answer to your query about why the kitty licks you is that it has a love for you. The cat recognizes the fact that you take care of it and love it just as your other dear ones. When they become accustomed to you, they have completely safe feeling with your existence. Besides, the kitty may also prove its affection by cleaning your face with tongue.

A mother cat is also seen to lick the kitties after the birth:

  • In order to pat the little body carefully
  • To remove afterbirth liquid
  • To rouse the breathing of kitten

As you care for your cats, they also want to do same thing.

Something wrong is indicated through the licks of cat

In addition to expressing their affection or love with licking, the something different purpose is there behind it. While the cat licks excessively, keep in mind that this is red signal. The foremost thing experienced by kittens before opening the eyes is the mother washing or licking them. However, excessive licking may indicate that the animal is distressed. The cat starts licking strongly while they have-

  • Irritations on skin
  • Bites of insect
  • Infections
  • Fleas

Licking due to the anxiety

Another important reason of the licking is the stress. Many cats become highly stressed, and begin to lick compulsively. The kitty that licks itself wants to get rid of the stress. It may lick on skin, fabric or plastic. If you are not conscious of the way of handling, you can take tips from experts.

Licking to remove the dirt

The tongue of the cats can be compared to the sandpaper, and it is wrapped with papilla that helps them to rasp the meat from their bones. It assists to groom by scouring out the grime or loose fleece.

Licking for gaining your awareness

Another reason behind the cat’s licking is that it wants your attention. It likes to get coddled by the master. When this occurs, you may find them licking mainly your feet, hands or also your face.

Your cat feels that your skin is tasty

When the pet cat begins to lick your mouth and face, it denotes that the creature has found out something luscious on your own skin. Perhaps, it is smell of your meals that you have recently taken. Or, the smell may also be your face lotion. Whether anything tastes excellent or appears attractive, cats like to search for them. Indeed, the cats may be more fascinated with facial products that have some animal constituents, such as, gelatin and lanolin.

Thus, these are a few reasons for which your cat may lick. If the extreme licking seems to be abrupt, you can consider diagnosing the cat by some professionals.