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Why Do Cats Sleep and Sit On You

Cats are, in fact, one of the highly adaptable and sociable creatures. It means that in terms of the sleeping habits, a cat is always able to adopt itself. It is seen that the pet cats generally sleep for a period, which is more than that of the cats that live in outdoor spaces. Moreover, it is also observed that the kittens and aged cats are likely to have a nap more than any adult cat of average age.

The cats can take a short nap in a dim light or may sleep deeply. While your kits dozes, you may want to know- how much do kittens sleep? Thus, while dozing, the time may be for nearly fifteen minutes. The kitty may position the body in order that it may spring up into some action.

During profound sleep, your cats may have fast brain movement. This profound sleep is likely to last almost 5 minutes, and after this, the animal again starts dozing. In fact, this sleep pattern may be continued to it wakes up.

Why Do Cats Sleep and Sit On You

It is no doubt that these felines may also have effect of weather, like us. The conduct of any cat can differ highly, on the basis of the age, breed, spirit and general physical condition. However, the cutest activity that is done by the cats is that they often try to sit or sleep on your body, and some possible reasons for it are-

Cats like warmth

If you are the owner of a cat, perhaps you have noticed that your little pet likes to grab the first sun rays in the morning. No matter, whether the ray falls on the window box or on the ground, the cat may be ready to soak up the rays. It is because these feline creatures like to rest in hot sites. Obviously, you also probably like to do so during the winter season. While the sun begins to set, there is no more warmth. Your cat may get some heat from your room’s heater system; however, it feels more comfort, when it sits on your soft lap. While you are sitting on your preferred recliner, your cat likes to sit on you. Thus, these are some instances when the feline companion will like to find you. The cat will feel safe with you and you will also have wonderful sensation.

Cats desires some comfy

You perhaps do not know- how much do cats sleep? The answer is that it is about fifteen hour every day or more than that. It is natural that they are searching for a comfy place for long sleeping hours. Whether it is your sofa or some stretched out place in basket, the feline animals need a cozy and soft place for relaxation. Your belly and not the mere pillow may turn out to be the coziest site.

Cat may adore you

Like most of the busy persons you also perhaps stay out of your home during most of the time. While you finally get back to your house, your furry buddy likes to adore you, by sitting on you or sleeping on your lap. The kisses or purrs any the hitting of head to your face- all these things are the sign that indicates your cat’ love for you. Thus, when it hops on your knee to have the comfortable bed, you can give it some pat. Moreover, you can help it to have a sound sleep.

To feel protected or secure

Everything and everyone longs for the safety. Your kitty is also no exemption in this case. When the cat looks for a site for sleeping, it not only likes warmth and comfort but also loves a secure place. No unsafe predator may be present there, when the cat is with its master. Thus, the kitty can easily consider that it has anything to fear.

Your cat perhaps has also the tendency to sleep on soft place. Thus, as a cat owner, you should remember the above reasons. Whether the pet is a matured or adult feline or a lively kitten, its amount of activity and the interaction may rely on a number of factors.