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Why Do Cats Rub Their Face On You

Most of us love cats not merely because these animals look cute, but also because they have various behavioral patterns.

These patterns are perhaps their secret verbal communications. However, a common behavior of these cats is the rubbing of their faces against things or our body, and there is, in fact, some reasons behind it.

Cat’s ability to smell anything

One of the main ways, in which the cats try to interact with others or understand the world, is with smell or scent. Cat’s body includes smell glands, and these glands are placed at the different spots of the faces and some other parts. Moreover, the glands may discharge the pheromones, which are such chemical substances that may be distinguished as scents. While your pet cat rubs its body against your body, they put down their smells on you.

Why Do Cats Rub Their Face On You

Thus, the smell sense of the cats is very superior, and their nostrils work in a constant way. Their noses are neat and small, though they remain covered with the organs and the bones. Cats possess nineteen million smell-sensitive cells, present in the noses. But, in cases of dogs, it is about two hundred million, while in humans, this is five million.

Cats trying to identify you

Each of the individual cats possesses a different smell. For this reason, when the human beings and the cats or the dogs live in one household, it leads to a combination that is called as the group scent. However, our nose is not so sharp to find out the group scent of your household. But, the feline animal, who is the member of that group, may easily make use of this scent in order to identify his family.

While your cat rubs its smell on you, it is trying to endorse the fact that you are one of the parts of its special club. The scent of your cat, while becomes combined with your scent or the smell of other members of your house, it creates a mark of identification. One self-appointed work of your kitty is to ensure that your body always has the scent, known to it. When you pick some other smells during the daytime or in your office, the kitty takes the responsibility to mask the unfamiliar smells on you with the re-application of some amount of its personal through stroking.

Instinctively, you want to domesticate the cute cats while they cuddle against your body. And when they do so, they, in fact, exchange the smells. You perhaps do not know this fact, and you actively take part in this smell exchange habit. It helps to make certain that all the living beings in this group put on the group mark.

You will be competent to enhance the satisfaction of the cat in its smell-rubbing tasks by going down to its level, thus, it can pat your body or face with its body. It is the real significance of interacting with the cat.

Patting on face for displaced anger

If you spend a day with a cat, you may sometimes see that the cat is displeased with some of the incidents. In that case, after experiencing the incident, the rubbing action of the cat may seem to be little frantic or obsessive instead of friendly. At that point, you have to understand that the stroking can be displaced disturbance or hostility.

For instance, the cat can get dissatisfied that it has not got another of its preferred treats, in spite of its nostalgic meowing or purring. It does not like to nibble you, or understands that it never suppose to do so. Rather, it continually pats the head on your body or some adjacent object. It is quite corresponding to a human, who is furiously pacing. If possible, you have to try to relieve the frustration of the kitty in a way satisfactory to all. Moreover, in the above stated example, you perhaps need to redirect energy of the kitty in an encouraging way with the initiation of any game session. When the kitty experiences some healthy, pleasing pounces or chases, it will possibly get the most desired treat.

So, keep your cats happier and try to understand their strange behavioral pattern.