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Why Do Cats Meow – 9 Most Common Reasons

Cats converse to one another through facial appearance, scent, touch and different body languages. However, meowing is a type of verbal communication that is produced sometime for talking to humans. Often, the meowing is also heard while conversing between the kittens and their mother. Kittens make use of the meows in order to have care from their mom, for this reason, when they have become adult, the meows get stopped.

The kitties meow to us for the same reasons. They make use of this meowing noise as the mode to talk and the researchers think that they have purified the language for exclusively speaking to humans.

However, the cats may begin their meowing at a range of pitches, frequencies, volumes, tones, or lengths. For example, the sound of cat meowing to tell you for opening the door may be different from those meowing noises of the cats that are very excited.

If you have heard two diverse meows of cats, you can recognize that not every feline accent is same in any way. But, this variation in the noise is not only due to the voice box but also because of the personality of the cat. After all, while these cats find that meowing can bring them pleasure, the act of this meowing may turn out to be acceptable.

Why do cats meow - 9 Most Common Reasons

Hissing, growling or spitting of the cats denotes that the pet is angry, terrified, annoyed, or suspicious. The howl or yowl is very long, extended meow with some possible senses- your pet is fearful, in ache, searching for a pal, or has confined victim.

Thus, what does it mean when a cat meowing? And why does a cat do so? Here, a discussion can tell all those answers.

Crying for attention

Some people believe that cats perhaps like the loneliness and solitude. However, the fact is that most of the cats do not like to stay alone. Often, the cats begin to meow in order to ask you for starting a game. Or, it wants you to speak to it. In other words, you cat perhaps like to get your care and attention. Or possibly, it likes to play with you as it has become bored.

Many cat owners say- My cat won’t stop meowing. But, it is not true. While you like to stop these meows, you may not give respond to it. Give your pet the attention only when it is silent. However, do not ignore the pet. You can spend good time daily with it by grooming, playing or chatting to it. You may also give reward to the kitty for its quietness as it may help to reduce the noise.

Illness as a factor

Meowing of the cat is, in fact, one of the ways, through which the pet interacts. The cat is perhaps attempting to inform you that it is not feeling good. In fact, cat is such a creature that has a tendency to hide its ailments. Making some noise or meowing with no interest in any kind of food may be a warning that it is suffering from disease, which needs your attention.

The continuous meowing may be a symptom of the kidney disorder, overactive thyroid, problems in urination and many other types of health disorders. If these actions of your cat seem to be quite new to your cat, then you can better talk to a vet.

Wants to eat food

Most of the cats start meowing whenever any person enters the kitchen room as it hopes to have food. Moreover, it is also seen that many kitties turn out to be extremely vocal while their feeding time approaches. If it is the issue, do not feed the cat while it cries. You may wait until it becomes quiets and do not give the treats while meowing. However, you have to ensure that you kitty is having the right quantity of the meals every day and it is eat at the suitable time. Besides, you should also check whether the water bowl of your cat remains full.


If you have changed your house, then the cat may feel some stress in that new atmosphere. Again, when new inhabitants or creatures are there in your house, it can also cause stress to your kitty.

While your kitty is constantly meowing during all these kinds of adjustments, it may be somewhat occasional. Obviously, your cat may not be able to inform you the problem, thus you have to observe these carefully, as these changes can disturb it. Interact with the cat, if possible. When you have added a creature to your house, you need to socialize that new animal properly in order to keep away from behavioral issues.

Confusion and old age

During our old age, we are likely to become absentminded and confused very often. In the same way, the cats have also some effect on their memory.

Confusion is very common, and the cat can meow due to the disturbance or puzzlement. If the cat begins its meowing, or if it hitting into things, you can keep the light of your room switched on at night.

In addition to it, the veterinarians can also recommend some medicines, which can stop the mournful crying of the cat.

It’s the time of a month for meowing

During a particular season, the female cats may turn out to be extremely vocal all of a sudden. They do it in order to the male cats. In the same way, the male ones also become noisy when they perceive a cat in the adjacent region. If the cat is not neutered or sterilized, then you may hear some more noise. When feline overpopulation is your problem, you can choose this option in order to curb the rate of meowing of your cats.


At times, your cat seems to do its meowing only to greet you with- Hello.

Do your cats start meowing at definite times? For example, it may meow when you get up in every morning or when you return from office. If the cat becomes calms after giving some greeting, it is not any problem. It is a hard practice to stop; however, stare at it when the kitty is telling that it is pleased to see you. However, when you see that the behavior is growing significantly, something wrong can be the main cause. Your vet can tell you- why do kittens meow continuously?

Ticked off

The agitated and angry cats very often do their meowing into a high-pitched noise when they feel enough warned to attack.

Call for opening the door

When the door remains closed, your cats may meow in order to tell you for opening it for giving them the access. Some cat owners have also seen that their cats do not like the bedroom door to be closed.

Obviously, the parents of the kitties know that at times they meow for a few strange factors. The reasons for the different kinds of the vocalizations of your cat may have various reasons behind it. The above reasons may be one of cause your pets’ crying. The cat meowing at night continuously may seem to be very disturbing to you. Thus, you can discuss with the vet for these problems.