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Why Do Cats Headbutt

Cats are definitely the best pets if you like having elegant and gracious animals around you. Although, they are the most common pets on the planet, there are a lot of secrets about them. Some are even treated as a mystery, so they are hard to explain. For example, purring cannot be explained, despite the fact the science is advanced. Simply said, scientists don’t know, why cats purr. Beside this action, there are a lot of other mysteries related to cats.

Cat’s head-butting is one of the most interesting actions your pet does all the time. Although, this action is gracious and interesting, it looks weird sometimes and it is hard to understand why cats do that. That’s why, several studies were conducted in the United States and other countries, where scientists determined why cats do this. The explanation is very simple and it is related to smell glands. Cats have smell glands all over their body and they use that smell to mark a person or other pet.

Why Do Cats Headbutt

Simply said, when your cat is head-butting to you, she leaves her scent on you. This means that your pet is dedicated to you and she is marking you as something that is important to her. In addition, the latest findings suggest that cats do this in order to mark you as something safe, so they do this mostly to their owners.

When a cat is doing head-bunting to you, she treats you as her friend, so it is a wise decision to act like one. Never interrupt cat while she is doing this, due to the fact she will treat that as your objection, so she will stop doing to you.

Cat head-butting is a common thigh, all cats do, so it isn’t a much unknown action. In general, it is very nice to pay attention to your cat, while she is doing this. Keep in mind that cats do this on people and other pets (more often on people, especially their owners). On the other side, they lick objects in order to mark them as their ‘’property’’.

What you should do?

If you notice that your cat is head-butting all the time, she probably wants to tell you something. In most cases, a cat wants attention from you, so you should give that to her. Playing, scratching with her is the best thing you can do, actually. By doing this, you two create a special bond, simply because you two will start understanding each other. As the end result, you will have a pet that likes you and like spending time with you. In addition, a cat will probably continue head-butting, so more attention and more playing time is definitely something you should provide for her.

The worst thing, you can do, when your cat is head-bunting is to raise your voice on her or to push her away. If you do this, your pet will start feeling frightened when she is close to you, so she won’t like spending time with you. You will notice this if your cat refuses to come near you or to play with you. Keep in mind that when a cat refuses to come near you, the worst thing you can do is to chase her. This will make the situation worse and you will lose your pet. On the other side, you should give her treats and scratching her when you have time. Don’t try to annoy her at any moment and be very gentle. At the end, you two will become friends again.

What to do if your cat doesn’t do head-bunting

Although, most cats like head-bunting, and they do this several times per day, some cats refuse to do this. This is another mystery when it comes to these pets. Scientists and veterinarians don’t know why cats refuse to do head-bunting. It is believed that they don’t have interests in sharing scent with other cats or humans. However, most cats do this rarely, and they do it with other animals, so it is hard to notice them. It isn’t a severe issue so it doesn’t require any assistance.

On the other side, if you notice that your cat never do head-butting, you should take her to a veterinarian. In most cases it isn’t anything severe, but it may be a side effect of a condition or an issue. A veterinarian will recommend you to stay paying more attention to your cat and to start playing with her every day. Also, he/she may recommend you to give treats to your pet. In most cases, your cat will start doing head-bunting soon, so there are no reasons for concern.

Head-bunting between two cats

When cats do head-bunting, it is a completely normal thing and there are no reasons to be worried about. On the other side, some cats never do this. This is an also a well-known fact and there is no reason to be concerned. As aforementioned, cats do this to humans and other cats. When they do this do you, they want to tell you that you are a safe person and they appreciate you. When they do this to another cat, they show affection and love as well. An issue may develop if you have two cats in your home and they need a head-bunt each other. This means that there is an issue between them, so you should solve it.