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Why Do Cats Chatter?

Cats are probably the best pets you can get. They are elegant, good friends and they don’t require any special treatments. On the other side, they are interesting animals, and there are many things we still don’t know about them. One fact we know is that cats are predators. Maybe home cats are small and friendly, but keep in mind that lions and tigers are members of the same family as your cat. Probably the most interesting thing most cats do is the ‘’chattering’’. Due to the fact they don’t do this often, most pet owners don’t even know about it.

Cats chattering is still treated as a mystery, because scientists don’t know why cats do this. It happens when a cat opens mount and makes a unique sound. At that time, the mouth are vibrating and you can see the teeth. However, there are a lot of theories that try to explain this action. This also means that you can choose to use the theory you like.

Why Do Cats Chatter

Different theories for cats chattering

The most common theory that may give answer to the why cats chatter is related to their hunting capabilities. Cats usually chatter when they are unable to reach some prey. As you may believe, this usually happens when they see a bird. Alstom all cats chatter at birds that aren’t in their reach. Scientists explain that this is the way how cats express their frustration. Beside birds, this may happen at laser point and etc. Simply said, it occurs when a cat wants something that he cannot get.

Another theory is more violent. It explains cats chattering as the reflex cats have when they are killing their prey. Don’t forget that all cats are perfect hunters and they can kill prey that is even bigger than themselves. Cats usually kill the prey with their teeth, by biting the neck or a head of the prey. Cats chattering simulates the feeling they have while they are killing that prey.

The third theory explains cats chattering as the satisfaction they have when they see a bird. You may know that birds are favorite prey (beside mice) of the cats, and they like hunting small birds. In fact, there are some cats they prefer birds than mice. On the other side, cats that have never caught a bird, don’t treat them as the favorite prey.

What you should do if your cat chatter

Keep in mind that some cats rarely chatter and some even don’t do this ever. However, most cats chatter at some point. It usually happens at the window, while they are looking at the birds. If you notice that your cat is making a weird sound and the mouth are vibrating, your cat chatters. In this case, you have two options. You can leave it or you can play with it. No matter which theory you chose, playing with your cat will give her the impression that she will catch a prey, so it has a calming effect. By playing with your pet, you will help him stop the chattering.

The best part, when you are playing with your cat while he chatters is the fact cats are more prone to longer and more aggressive playtime. Sadly, this also means that your cat may scratch you, accidentally, so you should be careful.

Hidden facts about cats chattering

A question that most cat owners ask is ‘’why my cat chatters at me’’. Although, this rarely happens, it isn’t uncommon.  The explanation lies in the frustration your cat may have. If you don’t spend a lot of attention to your pet, chattering will probably occur. By doing this, your cat will relax herself. Keep in mind that in this case, a cat may chatter at bugs as well, or anything else.

As aforementioned, the main issue is the frustration. You can play with her and feed her, in order to solve this problem. Keep in mind that all animals hate when something is distracting them from their food. Although, all people know that dogs can attack if you disturb them, while they are eating, most people don’t know that cats react the same. This means that you should disturb your cat while she is eating. If you do this, she may start chattering at you.

When I sneeze, my cat starts chattering is another question many cat owners ask. In general, it happens due to the frustration. However, cats chattering may happen if you sneeze in the face of your pet. Cats don’t like when something is blowing at their face, so when you sneeze or blow at them, they get upset. The first thing your cat will do is try to escape from you, but if you don’t let her, she will start making sounds and may even scratch you.