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Why Cats Don’t Like to be Bathed

Although they do love to play with water, cats become frustrated and nervous when they are bathed. That’s when they feel the most threatened and insecure, and the thing they hate the most is when they have no control over themselves, which is what happens when you bathe them.

Here are some expert opinions on why cats don’t like to be bathed:

1. They feel threatened

When a cat’s fur is completely soaked, the cat loses its agility and feels threatened. They don’t like the feeling of being captured and having no control over themselves, which is how they feel when they are being bathed. Although the upper layer of their fur has some resistance to water, that is not even nearly enough.

2. Excellent scent

Although some cats love to play around in puddles outside, they are repelled by tap water. According to some experts, they have the capability of determining which water comes from natural sources, like that found in puddles, and which contains particular chemical components, like tap water. They find the scent of tap water repulsive, which is one of the reasons they don’t like taking baths.

cats don’t like to be bathed

3. Unknown territory

Wild cats have freedom to decide whether they want to take a dip in a lake or a pond or catch some rain. However, when you toss a domesticated cat into a tub filled with water, it will come to it as a shock, as they don’t like these types of surprises.

4. They don’t like being wet when it’s cold outside

Just as it is with humans, cats don’t like being wet when it’s cold outside either. Maintaining normal body temperature becomes almost impossible in that condition. On other hand, when it’s very hot outside, they like to dip their paws in water to cool down a bit, but they still don’t like to be completely submerged.

5. They only like playing with water, they don’t like taking baths.

Most domestic cats are curious, so they can often be seen playing with sink or tub water. Some will even put their heads in the sink. But, there is difference between soaking head and paws only and soaking their entire bodies, especially when it’s against their will.

Tips for bathing your kitty:

If you’ve owned a cat before, you probably had your cat become so dirty you simply need to bathe it. You can soak a towel in lukewarm water and use it to wipe your kitty off. When done, gently dry your kitty off with a dry towel. You can also use a hair drier to make things go faster.