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Why Are Cats Afraid of Water

Cats are one of the cool, calm and composed creatures, and unlike other animals, they hardly show some kind of the emotional outbursts. However, when you rinse your cat to clean its furry body, you will most probably find the cat to make a complete rejection of any impression of self-control or composure. The cat will change from the docile mood to the wild one. Thus, water is the major issue to most of the species of the cats.

Some of the researchers have noticed that this fright of becoming soaked is somewhat ancestral fear. It means that since the ancient days, the cats have this type of the fear. You perhaps have heard that the domestic cats that we all try to tame mainly originated from the family of the wild Arabian cats. Their predecessors resided in such a place, where only a few large water bodies are present. And those ancestral cats had never learned the way of swimming in the water bodies. Obviously, this is one of the disadvantages of this feline family. And so, they are impulsively careful around any water body, even when it is a sink or tub.

Why Are Cats Afraid of Water

Do the cats like to swim?

The ability of the cats in swimming differs to some extent. However, many of these cats are not much good in this act. The cats with slim body and finer bodies have less fat in the body. In fact, it is the fat, which helps the animals to float, at the time of swimming. It can protect the animals against the loss of temperature in chilly water.

The cat species, whose earlier generations lived under chilly climatic condition, are likely to possess more coating of fat. However, it is balanced with their sturdier build as well as weightier bone structure. Thus, regardless of the type of cat that you have as pet creature, it is not likely that they are innate swimmers.

Cats have the tendency to grasp fish from water; however they do not dip in water to do it. They may desire wading into water; they can feel quite more relaxed while their paws contact the base. While a cat is unable to find some means into water, most probably they may feel fear of getting swung over unknown depth of water.

Rainfall is a distressing to the cats

These feline creatures have also an aversion to rain; however, it is not merely because their fur may be soaked and take a long period to be dried. The rainfall also generates some kind of sound that does not allow the animals to hear and makes their extremely light-sensitive eyesight unclear.

Besides, strolling on the drenched grass always disturbs their paws. As a result, the athletic moves maybe disrupted. If water enters into the extremely convoluted ear duct of the cat, it may be very frustrating. It can also lead to the aching infections to ear. All such factors may also cause the animal’s natural escaping from rainy conditions, no matter whether it is in your bathroom. Thus, cats are likely to play happily in the water bowl, hop in the bathtub, while you have finished their bath.

Other causes for which cats avoid water

The displeasure of the cats, while contacting the water, is mainly due to the fact that they feel their physical sensation may become stifled or smothered. In accordance with some experts on cats, the oily fleece on the body does not easily shed the water, and it becomes very difficult for the cat to get back the warm and dry state within a short time. The cats, in general dry condition may have a lively and nimble feeling. But, when they are in water or any liquid, all their motions can turn out to be very sluggish.

Behavior of some exceptional cats

However, the interesting fact is that all the known cat species do not want to keep away from the act of swimming. You know that van cats inhabit in a place, which is very close to the coast of Lake Van, located in a part of Turkey. They are brought up to take the plunge as kittens. There is another notable paradoxical activity of some of the cats that take a look at oozing taps. Some immerse their paws in any watercourse, while the others start to have water from it.

But, it is, in fact, not the water body, in which the cat is interested. That sparkling scene, the radiance coming from water creates a sensation in the cat’s mind that it is a probable indication of prey. And very few cats that are interested in water bodies enjoy their bath not because they are wet but because the water flows and produces interesting sound. Something that is moving is a possible thing to consume- this is the thought of those cats.