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How To Make A Cat Bed

People are divided as cat and dog persons. This also means that there are a lot of people who like having cats as their pets. Treating your pet well, and providing her everything she wants is crucial for a great friendship. The most important things, you will have to pay attention to are the feeding, playing time and rest time. Most people claim that resting time is very important to you and your cat. In addition, cats like sleeping so they are going to be much happier after they have slept in a cozy bed. As you may know, this suggests that you must provide a cat bed for your pet.

Although, there are a lot of great cat beds on the market, when you make your own bed for your pet, you will feel something amazing. That’s why it is a much better choice to make a cat bed. Some people believe that this can be an expensive process, but it isn’t and it is very cheap. You will need 30 minutes of your time and less than $10.

How To Make A Cat Bed

You will need:

In order to make a bed for your cat, you can use numerous materials and accessories, but there are no rules here, so you can use anything that you want. If you like making a bed for your cat from old sweaters, you are going to need:

  • Old sweater.
  • Soft fabric, for filling.

As you can see, all items can be easily acquired and most of us already have them in our home. Even better, the procedure is very simple and, as aforementioned, it lasts no more than 30 minutes.


Keep in mind that smaller improvements and modifications are acceptable, so you can customize a bed for your cat as you want. The main goals are that your cat has enough room and that the bed is comfortable. In any way, you should follow these steps:

  1. Place the sweater on a flat surface. Keep in mind that you can use thick and warm sweaters. Those made from wool are the best choice, due to the fact they are comfortable and they are warm.
  2. Fold the bottom of the sweater and place sleeves around it.
  3. Stitch the sleeves with the bottom part of the sweater. Due to the fact you are going to fill them, stitch just the upper part of the sleeves.
  4. Fill the whole sweater and the sleeves with something soft. The best fabrics are those soft ones that are warm, they will insulate the space between your cat and the floor and they are cozy. In addition, you should know that the cat bed shouldn’t be filled too much, due to the fact it will be uncomfortable, and your cat doesn’t like that.
  5. Now, you have a small cat bed that is perfect for your pet. However, you can make it even better. The best and the most important addition is a box around the bed. An interesting addition would be a case of a computer screen, especially from old Mac computers. By adding, this, your cat will feel secure and she will like spending time in her bed. On the other side, she will be protected and inside the cat house will be warm, all the time.
  6. Some cats like privacy, so this is another improvement you can offer to them. Cover the entrance with a piece of plastic of anything that is soft. Leave just a small hole where your car can enter. This will have a positive effect on the time, your cat spends in her home.

Useful tips you should know

Cats have the extraordinary smell of scent. This means that they can recognize their owners on a large distances. This also means that they don’t like strangers. If you use a sweater of a stranger, your cat won’t feel comfortable on the bed, so she will avoid sleeping there. On the other side, you you use your sweater (owners), you won’t have this issue.

The material, of the sweater is very important as well. Keep in mind that sweaters made from 80% wool are the best choice. They are warm, light and they can be easily washed. Due to the fact your cat is going to spend a lot of time on the bed, you will have to wash it regularly.

Adding a scratching pack near the cat bed is a useful trick to lure the cat to spending more time in the bed. Even better, these packs are affordable and you can even make your own. This is a simple task that requires just a few minutes. As the end result, your cat will like spending time in bed and play with the scratching toy. In addition, other toys can be used as well.