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How To Get Cats To Like You

Cats are adorable animals, which make them perfect pets. However, they are a bit more complicated than dogs, simply because their behavior is different.

It is a well-known fact that they can play with you in one moment, and get upset in the next. This means that you will have to be careful with your cat. Cats get upset when they are not happy with the space, treatment or food, so you must satisfy all three things in order to get your cat to love you.

How To Get Cats To Like You

Care about her

Cats appreciate when someone is spending a lot of time with them. You already know that they like sleeping next to you. However, they want to spend time alone as well. That’s why it is mandatory to provide them enough space for sleep and space for play. The best solution is to buy scratching posts or other toys that cats like. On the other side, cat’s bed is equally important. They like softy and cozy beds, so you can make one or even better, buy a brand new cat bed. There is no point telling that food is very important, so your cat needs delicious food and it want to eat several times per day.


Giving treats to your cat is mandatory, if you want her to like you. All you need to do is to place a treat in your hand and call her name. Keep in mind that there are special treats just for cats, so you should use them. This is a useful trick if your cat hesitates to come near you. In addition, don’t give too many treats to your pet. This may be contradictory.

Litter box maintenance

Litter box is an issue for most cat’s owners. However, it is incredibly important to your pet. Simply said, you will have to clean it at least once per day or even more if necessary. Cats are ‘’clean’’ animals, and they want to maintain their hygiene. By maintaining their litter box clean, you will make sure your cat is healthy and happy. This will have a positive effect on your relationship.

Good health

Every living organism likes and tends to be completely healthy. The situation isn’t different with cats. In general, if your cat is healthy, she will be happier and have more energy. At the same time, she will be less upset and anxious. This means that you two have better chances to be the best friends. This also means that you must promote the health of your pet. Healthy diet, physical activity are the best and mandatory things you must satisfy.

On the other side, regular visitations to a veterinarian are mandatory as well. Don’t forget that your cat needs regular vaccination in order to be protected from rabies and many other issues. It is recommended to take your cat to a veterinarian at least once in 2 months, however, if you notice some symptoms, you should take her as soon as possible. As the end result, your pet is going to be completely healthy and have a lot of energy, she will like spending by playing with you.

Don’t get your cat upset

Cats are similar to humans, they like doing one thing at a time and they don’t like distractions. This means that you should distract your cat when she is eating, sleeping or lick herself. In general, you don’t want to get her upset, because she will get a wrong impression about you and she will hesitate to come near you after that.

On the other side playing with your cat when she is in the mood is the best thing you have to do. This applies especially to kitties, due to the fact they like playing more than cats. Letting your cat to sleep near or on you is another great thing you should do. By doing this, you two create a special bond, so your cat will like spending time with you.

Let her come to you

Cats are social creatures, so they like spending time with other animals and people. This also means that they will come to you at some point. When they do that, it is crucial not to yell at them, or to get them upset. Instead, you should be gentle, give them a treat or play with them. Keep in mind that if you chase them or yell at them, cats will develop feat from you, so they won’t come near you ever again. This may cause fear in the future, so you will definitely lose your pet.

Lie of knell in front of your cat

Due to the fact you are much bigger than your cat, she may treat you as a threat. A useful trick is to lie or kneel, so you are at the same height as your pet. By doing this, you are telling to her that you are not dangerous and that you are friendly.