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13 Rare Cat Breeds

There are more than forty species of cats in this world. However, many of them have become solitary. It means that they are going to rare breeds.

Inbreeding, hybridization, poaching and loss of habitat are some of the causes of the extinction of the cats’ species, which include both the domestic and the wild ones.

Some of these rare cats are described here along with their look and temperament.


Burmilla cat

This species is somewhat between cross between Chinchilla Persian and Burmese. The origin of this species was started quite accidentally in 1980s in the UK. Obviously, there was an interesting story behind it. One day a gatekeeper left the door of a room open, and there 2 breeds had been waiting for their companions. Rather, they mated together; the kitties were really very sweet, and later they were named with the new breed.

Snowshoe Cat

It is the most beautiful and possibly the rarest cat breed in this world. The new breed was seen first in the USA (Philadelphia). This breed has existed for about forty five years; however, still, it is the exceptional one because of the problems to reproduce the right coat marks. The coloration of coat identified by associations or registries indicates point tint or coloration. This breed is highly vocal. In addition to it, they have also the capability of learning tricks or opening doors. Besides, it likes to play and swim on water.


It is one of the playful and intelligent breeds of cats, and is seen mainly in Russia. In these cats, we can find lots of affection as well as enthusiasm. Though the name of their species is Peterbald, the body of the cats is not without hair. Some of them have hair although they may lose it in due course. They are graceful and slim felines; however, we can get this species only in a few places of this world.

Kurilian Bobtail

13 Rare Cat Breeds - Kurilian Bobtail

This is a very handsome species of cat. Unlike other rare cats’ breeds, this was not grown through selective reproduction. However, in Kuril Islands, this cat developed originally. The exceptional pom-pom tail is the most recognized features this breed. Moreover, this cat is intelligent and independent and has semi-cobby type of body. It is long hind legs, while its rear portion is little arched.

Serengeti cats

They are also very beautiful feline breeds and are recognized for the lengthy legs, marked bodies and big ears. They were grown with the crossing of Bengal Cat and Oriental Cat. This species is now still in stage of development in order to develop a cat, which looks like Serval.

Ojos Azules

This is a Spanish cat’s breed and has beautiful blue eyes. In the year 1984, in Mexico, a family saw some untamed cats that have sharp blue eyes. Almost after one decade, just ten of them existed. And today their population still remains low. The geneticists are dealing with few of them in order to decide on whether the species is now viable.


The stature of this cat is very short in stature, and it is the cross of Persian and Munchkin. The funny thing that is to be noted here is that Napoleon (the king) suffered from some ailment due to which it fears cats. Such hairy felines do not face the issues, which may come with the distinctive nose of Persian. But, they hold on to doll-faced appearance.

American Wirehair

The coat of the cat can be wired; however, not its personality. This species is likely to be a peaceful and lenient. The preferred hobby of this cat is the watching of bird from a clear windowsill. The ability of its hunting is also very good. The weight of the cat is maximum eleven pounds. If you own this cat and socialize this species, it can also interact, when your guests come to your house.

German Rex

This is average sized cat and athletic and shiny. It is about eight to twelve pounds. The external layer is often referred to as the silky, short and curly. It is a marvelous animal with the refined splendor.  Most of these cats have very short tails. They are available in lilac and chocolate colors. They like to have fun so much that they can wake up the owner in the morning for playing with them. Energy is never an issue for them.


Sphinx cat

It is large or medium cat in terms of the size and the look. It has also large ears that are open. The round shaped eyes are little slant. The cheekbones are quite prominent. The eyebrows and whiskers are either in place or become sparse. Moreover, this cat has vigorous appetite as well as an extremely high metabolism.

Though the body of some Sphynxes is without hair, some others have hair. In fact, the body is covered with gossamer.


It is a rare domestic cat and has wide green ears. Dense fur is present on it body. The name has been extracted from a German term Nebel that denotes fog or mist. These cats look lovely and have distinctive soft blue-grey coating. The first Nebelung was seen in 1980s. 

Sand cats

Sand cats

Their home is in western Asia and Arabian Peninsula. They have also hair, which develops between the toes. Generally, this feature can be seen in case of the arctic cats. Among all the felines, they are also thought to be the cutest one.


It looks like ocelot though it is quite smaller. Moreover, it is outstanding climber. It generally lives in an area, which extends from Central America to its Southern part. They reside in mainly rain forests region and chase at night, as most other species of cat.

They are the only cats that have the capability of rotating the hind legs almost one hundred eighty degrees. So, they can run as squirrels. They may also sling from branches with hind foot.

These are some species of cats that are found hardly in few places of this world.